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All customers are required to wear a face mask

when entering the lobby and are asked to practice safe

social distancing with our staff and other customers.

Thank you! 



HOURS - EFFECTIVE January 4th, 2021


     Packer Avenue Branch

         Lobby Hours:  Mon, Tue, Thu 9AM to 4PM

                               Wednesday & Friday 9AM to 5PM

                               Saturday 9AM to 1PM

         Drive Thru:    Mon-Fri 7:30AM to 6PM,  Saturday 9AM to 4PM


     Broad & Passyunk

          Lobby Hours  Mon, Tue, Thu 9:00AM to 4PM

          & Walk Up     Wednesday 9:00AM to 4PM

          Teller:           Friday 9:00AM to 5PM

                               Saturday 9AM to 1PM (Teller Window only) 

     10th & Fitzwater

          Lobby Hours:   Mon, Tue, Thu 9AM to 4PM

                                 Wednesday & Friday 9AM to 5PM

                                 Saturday 9AM to 1PM

                                 Walk Up Teller Window:  Mon-Fri 8AM to 6PM,  Sat 9AM to 4PM



          Lobby Hours:   Mon thru Thu 9AM to 4PM

                                 Friday 9AM to 5PM

          Drive Thru:      Mon-Fri 8:30AM to 6PM,  Saturday 9AM to 1PM                 



          Lobby Hours:   Mon, Tue, Thu 9AM to 4PM

                                 Wednesday & Friday 9AM to 5PM

                                 Saturday 9AM to 1PM

          Drive Thru:      Mon-Fri 8:30AM to 6PM,  Saturday 8:30AM to 4PM



          Lobby Hours:  Mon, Tue, Thu 9AM to 4PM

                                Wednesday & Friday 9AM to 5PM

                                Saturday 9AM to 1PM

          Drive Thru:     Mon-Fri 8:00AM to 6PM, Saturday 8:30AM to 4PM





  • Online Banking & Mobile Banking continue to be great resources--TouchBanking App                            (APPLE or ANDROID) Mobile & Online Instructions
  • Our ATM Machines are fully functioning and operate 24 hours a day.  ATM Locations
  • Call Us!  Our branch teams are available and ready to be of service.
    • Jaclyn Mellett, Manager at Packer Park 215-467-4300
    • Nicole Shumakeris, Manager at 10th & Fitzwater 215-923-8490
    • Jessica Stipa, Manager at East Passyunk 215-389-5500
    • Lily Boyle, Manager in Media 610-627-0100
    • Andrew Kaufmann, Manager in Broomall 610-325-8800
    • Helen Purdy or Teri Dallatore in Springfield 610-544-9090 



Don't let your guard down!  Be alert to phishing emails or phone calls as cyber criminals

will prey upon the public's concern about this global crisis.  Most scams are designed to

trick you into sending money, disclosing personal information or to click on emails and

websites that mine for your confidential information. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  A USB representative will never ask you for personal information

via email or text message.  Further, a live banker over the phone will never ask for personal

information, like your UN & PW, OR your PIN, CV2 codes or Expiration dates from your Debit Card.

A banker may ask you questions to confirm your identity before going through

transaction history, however if at any point you are uncertain about questions being

asked or the call itself, hang up and call us directly! 



  •      Review your account statements and online transaction history daily
  •      Add USB Alerts to Your Accounts (Accessed thru Online Banking and/or Mobile Banking)
  •      Get in the Know--Review our Fraud & Security Page for more information


      AVOID CORONAVIRUS SCAMS:  Tips to Keep Scammers at Bay

      BEWARE COVID-19 SCAMS:  Up to Date Information from the Treasury Department





Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  Comprehensive COVID-19 News

Preparing for COVID-19 Protecting Your Homes, Work & Community








  Due to an overwhelming demand on USPS, we are experiencing delays receiving

mail such as bill payments and mortgage payments.  Please be patient as we continue to navigate

this issue and whenever possible, please mail your mortgage payments earlier then you ususally

would.  For any questions, please feel free to call us at 215-467-4300 or 610-627-0100.

Thank you for your cooperation.