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Having trouble importing transactions into Quicken or Quickbooks since our conversion (January 23, 2012) or later?

You will need to deactivate and then reactivate your accounts within your financial software.  Instructions are available below based on the financial software and version you use and how you currently import your transactions.  Direct Connect (DC) is when you import from within Quicken or Quickbooks and Web Connect (WC) is when you import from United's website.


 Quicken Windows 2012 WC to WC                                     Quicken for Windows 2010 TO 2012 DC TO WC

Quicken Windows 2011 WC to WC                                       Quicken Windows 2009 DC to WC

Quicken Windows 2010 WC to WC

Quicken Windows 2009 WC to WC


QB Windows 2009 TO 2011 WC to WC                                  QB WIN 2009 TO 2011 DC TO WC

                                                                                          QB MAC 2009 TO 11 DC TO WC


How do I sign up for online banking?

From our Home page, click on First Time User and complete the online application.



If you are having problems with our online bill pay service please call our support line at 800-877-8021.


Online Security

How can I strengthen my online security?

Multi-factor authentication and layered security help to make your online transactions more secure.   View our brochure for more information regarding our responsibilities and your rights.

For more information about online security and tips to help you be safe and responsible online please visit .



How can I find out information about my loans, such as payments and escrows?

Sign up for online banking OR call our Loan Service Department at 215-467-4300.  

I would like to payoff my loan.  How can I obtain a payoff statement for my Mortgage?

Access the Loan Payoff Request form.  Upon printing it out, please fill out the form completely, sign and date it, then fax to our Loan Department at (215) 467-1149 OR email it to

I need to find out information about subordinating a United Savings Bank Mortgage?

Please call our Loan Department at 215-467-4300 or email us at info@unitedsavingsbank.comand we will email you our instructions.

I would like to inquire about getting a Mortgage?

EMAIL us NOW for a Free Loan Consultation with one of our licensed Loan Officers.  You can also call one of our 6 Branch locations and speak to a Branch Manager or Customer Service Representative OR you can contact the Loan Department direct at 215-467-4300 x100

For your convenience we have posted our Mortgage Underwriting Checklist to help you get a head start on the required documents needed for your loan.



How do I place a stop payment on a check?

You can easily place a Stop Payment on a check through our online banking system.  If you are not an Online Banking user but would like to, sign up here.

You can also stop in to one of our 6 Branch locations OR print out our Stop Payment order form.  Please fill it out completely, sign and date it and fax it back to your local branch.  Fax numbers are listed on the Branches page. 

I need to wire money into my checking or savings account. What do I need to do?

Use the attached Incoming Wire Instructions to wire money into your checking or savings account.

My ATM and/or VISA Check Card is lost or stolen?

Please call 1-800-554-8969 during non business hours or call one of our 6 Branch locations during business hours.

How do I dispute a transaction attached to my ATM and/or VISA Check Card?

Fill out our Cardholder Dispute Form.  Please fill out the form completely and drop it off or fax it back to your local branch.  Fax numbers are listed on the Branches page. 

How do I change my address?

Fill out our Change of Address Form.  Please fill out the form completely and drop it off or fax it back to your local branch.  Fax numbers are listed on the Branches page. You may also stop in to one of 6 Branch locations to change your address. 

I need to send a wire from my Business Checking account.  What do I need to do?

Please contact your local Branch Manager who will assist you further in setting up your account for outgoing wires. 


All General Inquiries, including Employment Opportunities, should be sent to



Report a Lost or Stolen ATM or Check Card 1-800-417-8715 or 1-800-472-3272   You can also Email us at

Report Fraud Contact our Accounting Department 1-610-627-0560 or Email us at

Travel Money Cards 1-855-887-1835 Gift Card Phone Number 1-855-887-1836 OR use the FIS Prepaid cards website,

Savings Bonds 1-800-US-BONDS

Bill Pay Support 1-800-877-8021



Change of Address Form

Debit Card Transaction Dispute Form

Direct Deposit Enrollment

Incoming Wire Instructions

Mortgage Application

Home Equity Loan Application

Mortgage Underwriting Checklist

Loan Payoff Request

Personal Financial Statement

Power of Attorney 2015

Stop Payment Form

Online Banking Terms & Conditions